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Friday, February 20, 2009

~A Warm Taxi Ride~


A day that everyone wish for after waking up in the morning. Same goes to me. As usual for Fridays, my work will finish at 4.15pm & Y's work will finish at 5pm in which he used to pick me up after work. But due to some circumstance, Y told me early in the morning that he couldnt pick me up after work due to he had to attend a weekly meeting & later was assigned to run a testing call which will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Haihsss...So, when time had ticked 4.15pm, i log off from all my Banking system, refilled my water bottle & head to home. Too bad, i was thinking to myself that i have to use public transport today as my hubby (my anbulleh vaganam @ car) is parked at home. Mum had reminded me that after reaching home, i have to clean the house, take in the clothes, fold it, bla bla & do whatever that a girl must do (yelamehhh naneh seiyurudha iruku anadikum). So after taking monorail & exchanged another train with Star Lrt, i got down at Bkt Jalil station. While thinking whether to walk back home, i decided to take a cab instead. So, i got into one of the taxi & was suprised to see the condition of the taxi inside. But,,as the saying goes 'Dont judge a person by its cover'. The taxi uncle (started a warm conversation, asking me about Thaipusam celebration & even shared his opinion about how job opportunities nowadays are effected by the economic crisis.

(Pic Above : The Taxi Uncle; Below : His Taxi Decoration)

While talking to him, i have managed to capture some photos. Hehe, i think he realized that i was busy taking some photos of his taxi but he didnt mention anything. Some of our coversation is as below:-

Taxi Uncle : Do you know that they are retrenching so many employees out there & some are given 1 day notice due to the recent economic crisis? Thousands of exmployees working in Panasonic, Honda, Nissan, Citibank & a few to name are all listed in this category?

Me : Yes uncle, i am aware of it. I even read about the recent retrecnhment that Panasonic did. It's scary.

Taxi Uncle : Appreciate with what you have now. I know young people like you dont like to work under the same company for long. But remember, try to grasp as much of experience you can, learn from the seniors, give & take & resign only if you have got the right job.

Me : (Nod). Whatever you are saying is totally true Uncle. It's not easy to get job nowadays. I did plan to resign but after looking at the our country's economic condition, i decided to postpone my decision. Not now but maybe in a few months time. (Smile).

Within 5-10mins, i have reached my home. It came about RM3.80 & i passed the Taxi Uncle RM5. Without much hesitation, i told the Uncle that 'it was nice talking to you & you can keep the change'. He was very delighted to hear it & continously thanked me. I thought to myself; 'naladhu senja, nanum naladhutha seiyuven'.

Happy weekend!!~

p/s : My experiance with this taxi uncle was far away warm compared to one nightmare i had a few yars back. Yen valkaileh marekeh mudiyatheh oru tengga talaiyan. For more info on that tenga talaiyan; please go to http://nithubaby.blog.friendster.com/2007/04/unhappy-experience-in-cab/


  1. hahahaha ithu puthusa le irukku, "yelamehhh naneh seiyurudha iruku anadikum). "


    kekekke... u la kena buat.. POMBALA pille velai ma. :P

    i pernah baca akka punya linked post la.

    ippediyum sile per, apadiyum sile per... :D

  2. Good morning girl , call eh elleh . Btw nice article for today , keep posting :-)

  3. Viji : Aprum yena ungeleh mathiri ya 18hours (minus 6 hours for sleeping time)PC minukkeh iruken. yena kodumai sir idhu!!

    Maxx : Anna, nandri nandri nandri (asathu povadu yaru style). Hehehe..

  4. u sud snap the plant's picture also la ammu...nvm next time ok...did u ever walked from lrt station to ur house ammu? :) i tink u usually take cab rite....

  5. Khejes : Walk panuven lah.depending on my mood.most of the time bus, unless if i feel like my bum is to heavy, thn i jst take taxi..hehehe..