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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Types of People At Working Place

It doesn't matter how great the organization you work for is. It doesn't matter how fulfilling the work culture and atmosphere is. There will always be difficult people at work with a different agenda than helping with optimum work performance.

They come in various shades, and they have different styles and approaches to making their presence felt. To be fair, most of them may not even know how disruptive they can be ' then again, some do. In all cases, though, the sincere and focused employee suffers.

The following are various types of difficult people you can find during your career:

1. The Dumb Heads

You have given the most perfect training anyone could imagine. You have coached them. Additional info’s on the issues/product’s are printed & given as a reading material plus distributed through email. But still, end of the day; they come after the ‘walking reference’ all the time. I wonder what are their brains made of? Kalli mannu? Even the senior’s who are good in talking (Zero in performance wise of coz) sometimes ends up being one of those dumb heads. I wish I am being paid for each additional session when these dumbs have any doubts.

2. The Day Dreamers

This category of people tends to think something else while working. Staring on walls, pc monitor & those who looks at girl’s ass while they pass by them belongs to this category. These ‘God Gifted’ people are only awake for scenarios such as below:-

  • Watching porn’s in office. Most of them use Bluetooth & exchange in between them the latest porn videos through handphone.
  • Day salary slip is issued
  • Management decided for an outing for the Dept.

Rest of the days, they behave just like dead corpse that no one knows whether they are
Really working or engaged on something else.

3. The Blenders

If you open their workstation drawers, you will be surprised to see the amount of varieties of foods from beverages till snacks are all well arranged in tons. To name a few; sweets, snacks such as mamee, twisties, keropok, biscuits, Maggie mee, chocolates, lollipops & the list will go on. Meanwhile, you name anything that is free from a small ‘makan’, party organized by Dept – they will be the first to arrive. Besides that, food items that are ordered monthly basis which are kept in pantry section are mostly or shall I say 99.99% are finished by them within a few days. Can you imagine these blenders sometimes can drink Milo/Nescafe/Coffee nearly 3-4 times a day? That’s in the morning for breakfast, before lunch, after lunch & evening. Everytime you see them, they will be busy munching something while working. Now, that irritates me to the max. These people are best avoided during:-

  • Parties – as they prefer to focus on food served more than the activity organised
  • Gathering – as they spend more time in putting all the food items in one plate rather than understanding the purpose of the gathering. And guess what, they love when people ask them to finish the left out items.

4. The Mr.Right

You are assigned to coach the rest on the features of a newly launch products/compliance/management’s decision/etc. However this person behaves as if he was born with an Einstein brain & thinks he’s Right all the time. They will never refer anything on normal ordinary ranking officers/supervisors to consult on certain issues but prefer to be handled by high ranking officers. But then, if the high ranking officers are not around in the office, they tend to feel guilty @ low esteem by asking their immediate leader on the doubts. End of the day, Mr.Right Ass tends to fight over the facts after explanation given by immediate leaders & claims himself as Right all the time.

Me : Well, the Management had decided to do include Shipping Guarantee under our Commercial Loan product. It’s also known as working capital be it secured or clean & it’s based on daily reducing balance.

Mr.Right : Wait a minute, I have a question. Why does it have to be in a daily reducing balance when the loan term is short?

Me : The payment method is on monthly installment whreby the grace period is allowed to pay each payment due within 14 days from the due date. The availability time is within 6 months from the facility being accepted & extension allowed in 3 months up to a maximum of 12 from the date of LO.

Mr.Right : Hmmm.. (Interrupts). I think you didn’t get my question. You see…

Me : Oh (period!!!!)

Mr.Right : Working capital is secured by commercial property/residential property whereby they can choose the repayment time.

Me : I wish I can say this…Can you just shut your fucking explanation & listen to me? You are the leader or me? If you think you are hell of BIG, please come in front & explain A-Z on the features of the product right until on how to solve the delay in LC issuance. Now sit down or get hell out from this training room immediately!!

5. The Losers

They are good for nothing. In short, their value for the organization is “Zero”. If a task is given to them, they will only be able to finish the task 1-2weeks after the dateline (below satisfactory level of coz). The losers always thinks “Out of the box” (their Ass) when they have this assumption of doing work/tasks which is in line with their job descriptions. Other additional tasks given aren’t bothered to be done & prefer to curse the person who gave the task. Their favorite quotes “Why am I doing this? Why shall I do when I am not paid even a single cent?

6. The Hypocrite

The real ‘Pambu’ or snake in the block watching you 24hours. In another word, backstabbers are listed under this category. “Nice to see, nice to talk, once you got hooked, you will be another crook”. A special team of FBI’s (Fucking Busybody Idiots) who are assigned to watch whatever you are doing & reporting the wrong doings to employers end of the day. Early of the month, without you noticing that someone have watched you, you are requested to have a private talk between you & the employer. The employer will then list all the things you have done for the past one month.

FBI: J has been found talking to his working cgues over while attending to customers through phone. This has been happening nearly everyday.

Employer: This is strictly not allowed. Why is this happening? If there any coaching been done on J?

FBI: I am not sure on that but I think we should take immediate action on J.

After 2 days…Employer invites J into discussion room.

Employer : J, I have heard that you have been talking to the rest while customers are on the line. I thought you have read out T&C that such action aren’t allowed under the compliance of bla bla bla..

J : (shocked) Yes, I did. But that was only once 2days back when I was having some doubts. And that’s why I was referring to another cgue on the issue. Is that wrong?

Employer: Hmmmm.. I think there’s a miscommunication here..

J : Wth??

A personal confidence that damages your professional image at the workplace is leaked to the authorities. The fact that you have under-performed or made a serious mistake is suddenly the talk of the office. Someone else gets the credit for a project that you slaved on. Amongst the difficult people at the workplace, these can be the most damaging.

7. The Sleeper

You often see them neither walking in to the office in the morning with heavy eyes and to add hair nor combed or you notice that their office wear is not ironed. When asked, they will only answer you “I wish I am sleeping at home now”. Why so?

  • Clubbing the day before till next morning
  • Watching soccer games all night
  • Doing “some” activities with their partners in some unknown hotel/rumah tumpangan
  • On drugs

8. Bootlickers

Bootlickers are also known as brown-nosers, and the inference is clear. Such difficult people at work feel the shortest way to the top is by fawning to the management. Apart from being a shortcut, this also seems to them to be the best way of saving on effort. Bootlickers are universally despised.

Bootlickers invariably see their tendencies in a very positive light.

  • To them, it is uncommon and enviable dedication and devotion to those in charge.
  • This presents a major problem ' they are very averse to being told the truth about their tactics.
  • This state of denial ensures that the problem does not easily resolve itself.
    Unfortunately, certain managers even encourage bootlickers because they derive a sense of importance from them.

If these kinds of individuals exist at your workplace, you will find them hard to ignore. You will feel insecure and angry most of the time.

9. The Saboteurs

These rank among the most difficult people at work. They disrupt the peace and harmony of the workplace with malicious intent or out of plain ignorance. In rare instances, it may be out of sheer ignorance. Whatever the case, their influence is extremely negative.

  • You may find that a critical document has been misplaced
  • Your Internet connection may have been mysteriously disconnected.
  • You may not receive the accounts you badly need even though the person responsible for giving them to you is aware of the urgency.
  • A malicious piece of gossip affecting you may have been put in the ear of the supervisor.

10. Wheeler Dealers

To some people, the workplace is the venue for political intrigue or simple personal gain. Co-workers and even superiors exist solely to be manipulated. These extremely difficult people at work are usually power seekers who will stop at nothing. They may employ:

  • Blackmail to get a personal deal through
  • Gossip to spread a self-serving rumor
  • Spurious claims of personal connections to the management
  • The ultimate objective of these wheeler-dealers is to gain a position of strength. This may then be employed for internal political advantage (promotions, raises etc) or for financial gain unrelated to office work.

All the above listed re categorized as negative charactersin my office. But it doesnt mean that all the good peoples are dead in my office. I shall come up with a positive version in the near future. Hehehehe...I am not sure why i came up with such post in which not everyone will do, but in another way i feel good writting about this in my blog. I feel good...theoneo theoneoooo...

I Feellllllllllllllllllll Gooddddddddddddddd!!~

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