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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why Do Bad Boys Get The Good Girls?

There’s a vast difference between the words “like” and “love”; if you know this then carry on reading this till the end. This is not a message to change the boys who are good, honest, and humane and are looking for love and relationship. Well all that I want to convey is significantly very clear from the title, “good girls like bad boys”. When I said this phrase to some of my female friends, I faced a huge resentment from them where they clearly stated me that “no! Never!”, “at the end the girl always desire for a good guy”. Hey! Wait a minute! Did I mention the word “end”?

The word “Like” means to find something pleasant. So, I hope you got the difference in the simplest words. There has been a considerable change in the mindset on the current generation urban girl of the society. Now! If you imply the boundations on them then you can restrict them in four walls but not from watching MTV roadies or using internet. There has been a continues sway in terms of likes and dislikes, what we want to be in the long run and what we want to be currently are two very different things. There is something called an “x-factor”, which is present in many characteristics of boys that we categorize under the term bad.

Well there is something called “interesting”, which is far more important than “smart”, “dependable” and “intelligent”, in the priority list of modern girl. They want to be free. There is a major portion of every girl that believes in the fact, she is a girl, and she is a good girl. When such girls comes across a guy who is just not the right kind of person to know, he flirts, sometimes he smokes, sometimes he is passionate, he is careless, he is ill mannered, he is disrespecting the elders, he seldom drinks, he rides bike breaking the rules, he takes too many risks, he teases people, he is naughty, he takes credits of his work, he blames other people for his failures, he speaks absurd words in between, he stares at his female friends yet he is there for them all the time. Fellow boys view this guy as just another spoiled brat; the back bencher extroverts enjoy his company and are just like him and the goody-goody boys maintains a safe distance from him. This guy is not a criminal, he is average or above average in studies, he is liked immensely by some people and most important is that he is bad but not cheat, he is what he is(not fake), he lies but don’t ditch, he is careless but cute, he is interesting and never boring to be with.

Loose Girl : Na ninaikiren avan rombe nalavan..

Girl 2: Dei, vendam..avaneh parthaleh vanthi tha varudhu..avenum avan munjiyum..

Loose Girl : Apdi yelam solathey solithen. Na kadeppa agiduven..Yenaku yenamo avan tha “guy made for me” mathiri iruku..Altough he's bad, but something tells me he's a nice guy..

Girl 2 : Adeh loose, avan ranggi nu terinjum love paneh poriya? Urupeteh mathiritha..yepdiyavathu pongeh..ningela achi..ungeh kadhal achi..

Loose Girl : I think I am in love with him...Awwwwww!!

After 2 days..

Loose Girl : I am in love with you..

Bad boy : Amava? Apdiya? Cheri..yosichi soldren..

After another 2 days..

Bad boy : I think I like you too..

Loose Girl : Hughs the Bad Boy ..

Song ....Vizhi Moodi Josithaal Anghaeyum Vanthaai Munnae Munnae..Thaniyaagha Pesidum Santhosam Thanthaai Pennae Pennae!..Adi ithu Pol Mazhai Kaalam En Vaazhvil Varuma? Mazhai Kiliyae..Mazhai Kiliyae..Un Kannai Kandaene..Vizhi Valiyae..Vizhi Valiyae..Naan Ennai Kandaene....Senthaenae…

Loose Girl : Ni rombe ranggi ah irunthalum na uneh rombe kadhalikiren..

Bad boy : I will do anything for you da..

Loose Girl : Me too da..

Both the loosengeh's academic results became Dham Dhoom..I always think to myself. Why do this people gave more priority to Love during the time they are supposed to excel in studies? Because the movies influenced them so much that Love has become a past time for them & they feel good if they can go through what they watch in movies? Isk isk..yevalo nalikitha ipdeh irukum...Minerungeh Tamilargaleh...Padingeh lahh..

All of us among the boys have an instinct to be on top, if we play we want to win, if we give exam we want to pass, the current gen boys have a desire to succeed. All of us turn out to be with many similar traits in our persona. When in such a scenario, a girl comes across the guy mentioned in second paragraph then firstly she will try to be far away from him and hesitate to know him closely. This guy is different and in a time will surely catch her eye. She might even advice her friends never to talk with this guy but she will observe him and at the end of the day think about him.

All girls are mothers from within and have immense love and affection in them. Once she is friendly with this guy, she will start giving him more space in his mind then other guys she knows. This guy needs me! There will be an instinct in her that he is not bad, no one is bad by birth. Why does he smoke sometimes? His bad habits are too small as compared to his pure heart. This guy can change! In such a quest she would enter his life in a stronger way. She will try to experiment all that she ever wanted to do, may be break a few rules and prove to all that even she can be with bad, for those who had never taken her seriously and always taken her for granted. She would defend him in front of her other friends. Perhaps she would be sure that he flirts with many girls but all that he likes is her company. Her love can change him, she will change him! In such a stronger effort she eventually likes him too much. The dedicated female beings give in emotions and care. Whether this liking turns to love or marriage or anything else is not what is my concern but this is a fact that good girls like bad boys, the following set sequence of thoughts are responsible for this phenomenon. As we advance in life, we learn the limits of our ability. Even if you completely disagree with me then too think about it!

My priority with this article has been to tell them (the guys of today) my thoughts with clear small sentences and fast interesting format. At the end of the day they must leave the page with a mindset that I wanted to convey and I want “all good boys”, to never be confused that what is in this bad guy that is missing in him. As it’s not the ability of boy but the mindset of females that makes the difference!!!!

This post is based on the experience that i went through during my University time while observing people around me. Cerita ini ada kaitan dengan yang hidup @ mati tapi terpulang kepada anda untuk menerimanya ke @ tidak..

Nandri Vanakam...!!~


  1. each girl has this hope that she, exactly she and not someone else, will be able to change the "bad" guy.. like the power of her love will change him for good. In most cases it wont work out I believe..

    On the other hand girls are different, we cant generalize here ... most girls would settle for the good guy in the end. The problem is only to FIND him.

    The Colors Magazine

  2. women are evolutionary engineered geneticly to be nurturing and have motherly attribute creatures . its an important atribute to ensure the survival of human species .

    human babies takes at least 7-8 years to be independent and to feed and fend themself but this too long and unacceptable in animal kingdom . humans (homo sapiens) especially woman are genetcally engineered so that they will take care of this imperfect offspring and not to abandon it unlike other species in animal kingdom.

    basiclly thats why girls like bad boys . bad boys are stupid , reckless , prone to death and far from perfect. this provoke women's motherly and nurturing instint to be with them and take care of this 'bad boys'.

    yea , you girls INSTINTLY attracted to bad boys and you girls are INSTINTLY does not notice 'good boys'. thats the consequence of evolution

  3. ..kak..u noe wat?? aku baru jer jadi mangsa to dis case la..haizzz...

  4. well.. opposite attracts!