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Saturday, March 7, 2009

~Eight things women hate about men~

No human being is perfect. There are some bad habits which every human being is indulging in. But these habits should never be out of limits. Also, we develop a dislike with people with certain bad habits. Women, also being human beings have certain dislikes about men and their habits. The following article gives some of the habits which for sure are hated by most women.

Moody men – Women naturally are more emotionally inclined than men. But some are more moody and emotional. One moment they are happy and the very next they become angry beasts. It is very difficult to predict how they would react and behave to situations. Women would never prefer such men.

The alcoholics- Everything needs to be indulged in limits. But some men just never believe in limits. They make drinking a habit and cannot live without it. Women hate men who are not in control. Alcohol addiction will be the first thing that will drive women away from you.

The womanizer – Another Salman Khan though? They always think that they are the most good looking, charming, handsome, cute, smart & bla bla but end of the day they might be the dangerous guy in earth. Their saying goes like this “A woman, a day makes my day happier”. I dont wish to comment much as i will definitely come with a post on this issue in the near future. All that i would like to say is that, whatever you are doing now & thereafter, you will sit & cry one day for whatever you have done. If Lord Shiva @ Brahman is right infront of me, i would like to ask them if there’s any specific punishment in Veda (remember those punishments in Anniyan movie, noe that’s what i meant).

The gambler – Indians are very much associated with gambling (though Chinese are apart of this culture) & we grew up reading and watching newspaper indian housewives were beaten up to get money for gambling and how they use to finish their savings just for the sake of getting ‘Luck Charm’ through gambling.

The stalker – Women cannot tolerate men who like to follow them. Women like those who have the guts to approach and talk to them.

The cribo – This kind of men want women only to vent out their feelings about how unjust life has been to them. They are desperate for everything. They cannot stand delays and waits.

The dominant – Women don’t wish that men be always inactive. They want men to lead when they should. But when it a woman who can lead better they should be given their due. Women hate men who always want things to be carried out as they wish. They want men who can lead as well as be good listeners when it is apt.

The bad mouth – Women want men who know how to behave with a woman. They hate men who abuse woman or use foul language. A man who knows what and how to speak to a woman will be sought after.

What remains to be explored? Well, women have been a mystery since ages. It is been a hot topic to know what they wish and think about. Sometimes, what a woman says differs greatly from what she wants. She may say something but desire the exact opposite. Isn’t that interesting?  But men will never change & will remain as what they are even if he's the last men alive in earth!!~


  1. Moody man ku, psychology treatment kuduke vendiyathu thaa...! :P

    The alcoholics- i hate too. wuaaak

    [[[ The dominant – Women don’t wish that men be always inactive. They want men to lead when they should.]]]

    aairathil oru vartei ka. sila mara mandaikellam ittelam puriyathu !!!

  2. akka missed something. GUY yg mintak DOWRY.. STILL GOT this hal wey!

  3. I realy hate womanizer, alcholics n smokers too...also i dun like man whom like to lie...
    Man shod know how to treat women...
    and nowdays guys realy dont knw how to treat women, they think women like a doll.

    ...Pennegel kum manaseh eruke athe yehn ithe ahngel ke puriyeh mahtekete..