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Saturday, March 7, 2009

~Things Women Love, But Men Hate!~

Women have this peculiar habit of expecting men to know everything about them. This understanding is the criterion for them to believe that men love them a lot. Men love women but certain traits in women do make them go mad. The following are the things women love and men hate to do.

Shopping: Twenty four hours in a day will not be enough for a women to enjoy shopping. Woman tries on every garment in the store finally she selects one. Men shop very rarely so they hate women's never ending shopping.

Something that no one can change. I like shopping (take note i didnt use the word love), but my shopping will not take a long time. Pudicha vanguven, ilehna will catch a movie/drink. 

Talking: Women's talkative nature entertains people. Women's brain easily conceives every minute detail while men do not like to listen to nonessential details. The non-stop blabbering irritates some men out of their wits.

Friends pathi pesevom, family, work, relationships, life, house chores, pets, admirers, day at work, food, shopping, movies and the list will go on. Pesikiteh irukelammm...Apdi oru discussion & talk.


Crying: For women crying makes her feel better, they will cry three, four, five times a day. Men prefer not to cry, being a broken bone or downed satellite dish.

Emotional time. Some women cry for everything. I have cried countless times but being not the sensitive type, fyi i cry if i cant control my anger. And i will feel better if i cry out.

Cosmo quizzes: Women like doing quizzes about relationships or some other topic. Men prefer doing a scramble. Men's crude remarks about women's lack of interest in intellectual games, often drive the fair sex uneasy.

Simple quiz na yelam women kum pudikum..

Shoes: Women have a stock in footwear because they keep buying with the fashion trend. Men are not frequent buyers of footwear (1 pair of shoe can last 2-3 years)

Adhu yena mayamo nu terileh, i like to buy shoes/sandals. Prefer to match my outfit for the day

Family get together: Women love to spend time with her family .Men may not be happy with these get together.

Yenaku rombe pudicheh activity. Cooking together is yet another not to be missed thing.

Flowers and chocolate: Women love to eat chocolates and are happy to receive flowers. Men want big ticket items like flat televisions as their gifts.

Every women’s favorite. Ana, yenaku rombe pudichithu chocolate tha. Adu saptha i feel very relaxed & peaceful

Spiritual stuff: Women like going to churches or temples. Men prefer going to pub..

Kovil – manasuku nimadhiyaneh yedham..

Soap operas: Women are fond of watching serials , they wait eagerly to see next episode. Men do not watch serials.

Nanum oru serial fan. Currently i am following Kasturi (aired weekdays 7-7.30pm Chnl 211) & Arasi (aired weekdays 9.30-10pm). Previously, i was folowing serials such as Chitti, Annamalai, Selvi, Metti Olli & even Korean serials & Latin serials like Betty La Fia, Rosalinda..Hehehee...

When we consider the above bad habits of women closer, we can see they are not so terrible. Nobody is perfect, and partners should learn to compromise and be patient toward each other!!~



    Talking - I LOVE talking. my dad used to tell me, 'ni pesiye oore yemathidu ma' :D:D

    Crying - i was cried until last year. But this year, only twice, athuvum konjam emotional aahne nela.. ANYHOW, i am more stronger now.
    me too kobam vantha alutiduven. :P

    Cosmo quizzes: yeah me 3 :P

    Shoes: takde minat sgt, but recently cuz of work, i did bought some.

    family:- namba yeppavum family gal thaa. :D

    flowers and chocolates: i love the both. my mum do tanam so many color roses in my house garden.

    spiritual- solleve venam. ask vinayagar, he will tell u. ;P

    soap operas - NOT ME.

  2. shabaaa... vitaka inge naan innoru post potuduven polhe.

    aprum tag maranthudatinga.. :D

  3. Shopping - Enakke pudicha tan na vahguven..like to do window shopping a lot

    Talking - Na rombeh pehsuven n like to smile always like "loose". Ask your anna, he knows..

    Cryin - I will cryin when some1 i love scold me n whn im hurt. I feel beta whn i cried.

    Cosmo quizzes - My favourite

    Shoes - Crazy for it

    Family - Love to be with family n will die for them..love cooking too. Always like to be at home with family

    Flowers & Choc - I love red rose a lot n choc is fav. My heart will melt for these 2 things

    Spritual - Kovil ke pohge pudikum

    Soap Operas - Sory, NOT ME...i prefer watch MOVIES