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Sunday, March 1, 2009

~Guys The Thosai Posers~


Guys oh guys. When I talk about them, so much of things come across my mind. From their daily things till how they bring themselves in public including their bad habits which irritates MOST of the women in the universe. I am not going to talk about their bad habits now (will post about it in the near future), but I would like to brief a lil about their posing stylez. Now you must be wondering why I came up with such a topic. I am pretty sure that at one time which was a few years ago, everyone was so excited about having a Friendster account & how they use to post all types of pictures and shots in to their album profile. I also understand that Facebook is dominating the current communication tool among your friends but still the features are considered same with Friendster except the fact that Facebbok has more confidentiality. Below I have categorized these guys in to a few groups.


  1. Posing inside the car

Most of these thosai posers will prefer to have their ‘macho’ shots taken inside their cars. I have no idea whether it’s associated with the one of the sayings that “Man’s first wife is their car” but I seriously think that by posing inside the card with different type of angle is so called too much especially when they wear sunglasses. What are they trying to proof? That they have a car & they are proud of driving it with sunglasses? Come on lah, nowadays, everyone (I mean those who are working) owns a car. To summarize, nenaputha..


  1. Posing with bikes

These posers are the posers which I hate most. They will be having a cicak kobeng body but when it’s matched with their bike, it looks like they are one of the Geng Gagak/Geng 49. In another word, it makes me wonder if they are one of the Wanted List from bukit Aman. I tried finding those thosai posers with bikes especially those who pose with EX5  but couldn’t get. But, I managed to find one thosai poser who was posing at one Bike Exhibition. Bravo, bike vangeh mudileh ana asai thosai, apalam, vadai..


  1. Posing half nude

First thing I would like to ask them if I had the chance to meet this thosai posers would be ‘Are you trying to be the next Salman Khan?’. The thing that irritates me is that they thought that they have the most muscular body in earth with 6-8packs like how 50 Cent @ Surya does but in actual fact, if a comparison is done between a ‘papan lapis’ & them, the ‘papan lapis’ will win. Another nenapuz..haihs..


    4.     Posing by showing their face

This is exactly not to comment on how do they look like but my main concern is that, these thosai posers are actually showing off how well they did their side burns, plus coming up with a hair style (I bet one bottle of hair gel can finish within 2 weeks) or some without a moustache and wearing those one sided earings with kambing jangguts. Uwekkkkk…tangeh mudilehhh.


  1. Posing in a group

I have always liked when these thosai posers are posing in a group. We can actually see how fun & jovial their life is through their photos. These photos are usually taken when they go for an outing, lepak and so on. This group will be having their own geng name (only the karat kaigeh’s) & below are their favorite sayings:-


Machan 1 : Savadi da..

Machan 2 : Settepolam..

Machan 3 : Machi, vangeh lepak kudepom..

Machan 4 : Yena yelavoo..

Machan 5 : Tamil leh yenaku pudiceh varthai vanthu ‘tanni’


And the list goes on. Whatever it is, thosai posers will change once they reached the age – maturity & career.


p/s : Guys who are reading this & think that you are one of these thosai posers are not welcomed to comment coz it’s not going to make any difference J


  1. ## Guys oh guys. When I talk about them, so much of things come across my mind ##

    athe athe ...same blood.

    :D red rite urs?

    ##everyone (I mean those who are working) owns a car ##

    students pun dah ade car la ma...

    ## I managed to find one thosai poser who was posing at one Bike Exhibition. ##

    true true.. not ony bike, car pun sama. pegi parking lot and pose beside people's car. pandai beto..

    ## wearing those one sided earings with kambing jangguts##

    ha ha ha.. true wey.. i hate to c people with earings. kalah gals lah..

    ### Whatever it is, thosai posers will change once they reached the age – maturity & career. ##

    do u think so? no ka.. not all. some still da same when going lepak with friends even though age nearly 30.

  2. aana enaku oru vishyam mathum puriyala ka. boys like to kutuk that gals suka make up so long. but, i tgk kat unitar itself, some will pakai half bottle gel to set their hairs.. how long do they take for did that ka?

    oru survey pananum ka... :D

  3. @guyz - Narreh kelvi . Get a life guys .
    @Nithz - Yennah atchi ? Yenn Ippadee . Yaar melleh kovam ?

    ps: but compare with girls in friendster, guys are 100x better . Pls agree with me girl.

  4. Lol. We have a lot of M1 bloggers coming up. I'll return to comment more specifically.:D

  5. Viji : Unitar pathi mathum ingeh peseh vendam. Kovil mathiri yen blog perhu aprum effected agidum :p

    Maxx : Anna, yaru melaiyum kovam ileh. Idhu yelam nambe daily ah pakeredhu, tangemudiyameh ipdi yelunthuren..

    Durai : Vangoo vangoo..Comment pannungooo...