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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Definition Of Real Malaysian

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life

Malaysian culture has evolved since Malaysia gained its independence. During the times when parents were my age they would spend time studying, playing traditional games and just lazing around. They would eat traditional food and do EVERYTHING traditional. But now its the 21st century. Times have changed. Therefore western and eastern cultures have clashed and now the new age Malaysian cultures has emerged. What is the new age Malaysian culture? Well read on to find out......

- Motorists:

This is another phenomenon that intrigues me. It seems that they have a few rules of engagements themselves. For example, pedestrians are like those dummies in the test driving chamber. You're supposed to try to ram into them as fast as you can. Unfortunately, these dummies can move. Secondly, motorists keep it in mind that it is not themselves who are in the wrong, it is the other motorists. They think that the motorist is an idiot, or worse, a ******. If EVERY motorist thinks that, then who is the REAL idiot? Very puzzling indeed.

- Mamak stalls:

This is the best, cheapest, and most happening place to "lepak" (hang out). Why, it has budget food (how much can flour, egg and butter cost?), it has cheap drinks (I still think they charge to much for water, tea leaves and a tiny fruit), and the ambiance can be found no where else (Yeah, the oily, smoky air that stings your eyes with tons of Bangladeshi workers, a group of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians in one corner shouting away like they think they're big shots, and to top it all up a few school kids in one corner fagging while looking around cautiously in case they get caught). Definitely one of the more popular places to hang out in Malaysia.

- Coffee Bean & Starbucks:

Ah, the to most famous coffee joints in the world has seeped its claws into Malaysians. It has also even infected me and made me patronize them. Its a disease I tell you. Even though its addictive, I still prefer mamak stalls compared to these high class coffee shops. Come on man, 10 bucks for water, bean extract, shit!

- Cyber Cafes:

When cyber cafe first came to Malaysia they weren't very popular. Most people preferred to stay at home and play computer games and go online there since they have computers at home. Only people with no computers used these places. But that all changed when Gearbox made a Half-Life MOD called Counter-Strike. This little mod which could be downloaded free from the internet took the world by storm. It gained instant popularity. But the only problem is it was a multiplayer game only. Malaysia's phone lines are not fast enough to play this game smoothly. So the only other option is going to a cyber cafe to play Counter-Strike, Alien Vs Predator, Red Alert. Now its like, the only game played by cyber cafe patrons. Funnily, these people have never played any other games before to the fact that they think Half-Life is a Counter-Strike MOD, not vice versa.

- Pirated CDs:

Next to Hong Kong Malaysia is the heaven for pirated CDs. It seems like here in Malaysia these syndicates have rules, that is every major shopping complex and must have at least 5 shops selling pirated CDs. They are very cheap considered to other countries. Plus with the currency exchange rate the only reason why people are visiting Malaysia now is to get pirated CDs, and pirated this, pirated that, yadda yadda yadda...Satu DVD RM7 saja..mari mari mariii..Not to forget 'blue' VCD's are selled even to kids. Pasar malam, restaurants (moving Pirated CD seller's) & so on..Haihs**

- Marquee centers:

If you don't know what is marquee pronounced "marr kay", its those illegal horse gambling machines. Yeah, yeah some of you might think, "But I thought Dr. Mahatir and gang closed it all down with illegal arcade centres?". Well, you better be going out more often that. Those shops with tinted windows which looks empty has marquee machines inside. Most of the guys I know (when i was young) play this thing. Its addictive, and one game is only 20 cents or 1 dollar. Hidden gambling are also available here..
Malaysian Oh Malaysian!!~


  1. hey i tot of discuss about this topic too. =) but u dah discuss-kan, let me come out with different points then. :D

  2. Viji : Hahahaha..Pavam pillai :)

  3. Khejes : The truth is always good but added with some bitter :p

  4. its ok ka.. malaysians, boys, gals.. selagi benda benda ini ade, kita tidak akan kekurangan content.. :D:D:D

  5. Love the pirated cd part... Shocking truth!!! :)